3DZIP Terms of Use FAQ

The FAQ listed below should help answer questions you may have regarding the Terms of Use in the 3DZIP.

  1. I work for a construction company in the computer graphics & visualization department. Can I use models from 3DZIP to populate construction scenes?
    Answer: Yes. You can use models from 3DZIP to populate construction scenes.
  2. As a professional designer, I get paid to create deliverables such as SketchUp models that contain objects I downloaded from 3DZIP. Is that OK?
    Answer: Yes, per section 1.B.ii of the 3DZIP Terms of Use, you may deliver a “Combined Work” that is the result of work for hire, even if your “Combined Work” contains models downloaded from 3DZIP.
  3. I’m an architect. Can I sell my designs which include models from 3DZIP?
    Answer: Yes, so long as the models you downloaded from 3DZIP are not transferred or sold as stand-alone items.
  4. I am a reseller of household appliances. I want to use models of manufacturers’ appliances from 3DZIP in my marketing materials. Is that permitted?
    Answer: Yes, so long as they are not transferred as stand-alone items and trademarks and logos are maintained and are not removed or altered.
  5. Can I incorporate models from 3DZIP into my website for use by my members?
    Answer: No, this is impermissible aggregation.
  6. Can I include models from 3DZIP in the research project I am publishing?
    Answer: No, this is impermissible aggregation. You need approval of each developer.
  7. If I upload a model to 3DZIP, will I be paid each time a user downloads it or uses it?
    Answer: No, you are granting a royalty-free license to each user and may not charge a fee to download a model at this time.
  8. If I upload a model to 3DZIP, am I giving away my intellectual property rights in the model I created?
    Answer: No, you retain all intellectual property rights you have in the model(s) you create and upload to 3DZIP, but you are granting users a right to use your models in a variety of contexts under the terms of the license in the Terms of Use.
  9. Can I prevent users from modifying a model I upload to 3DZIP? Can I prevent users from uploading that modified model to 3DZIP and claiming ownership in the modified model?
    Answer: No to both questions. You will retain ownership in the original model.
  10. Can I download a model, modify it and then upload the modified model as my own?
    Answer: Yes, but note that the unmodified version will still be owned by the original developer. The original developer will also continue to own any unmodified portions of the original model you include in your model.
  11. Can I reverse engineer a model I downloaded from 3DZIP?
    Answer: Only if the developer provides public access to the source material to the model.
  12. Can I print a model on a 3D printer?
    Answer: Yes. But the commercial sale of exact, physical reproductions of models is not permitted.
  13. Can I use a 3DZIP model or its image in my company logo?
    Answer: No.
  14. Can I sell my 3D models on another website? Can I place a link to that other website on 3DZIP?
    Answer: Yes, to the first question. No, to the second question.
  15. Is 3DZIP really as awesome as everyone says?
    Answer: We cannot confirm or deny the awesomeness of 3DZIP.

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