Material Pack Paper 01

Material Pack Paper 01

These Materials are part of my procedural materials exercise with Substance Designer. Download link in the Text file.


  • 10 PBR Materials
  • 4k textures
  • Include Diffuse/Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Height and Metallic
  • Blender 2.9 file


  • Paper_Bookshelf_01
  • Paper_Cardboard_02
  • Paper_Cardboard_03
  • Paper_Cardboard_04
  • Paper_Cardboard_05
  • Paper_HandmadePaper_01
  • Paper_Napkin_01
  • Paper_Piñata_01
  • Paper_Stylized_Piñata_01
  • Paper_ToiledPaper_01

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This pack is licensed CC-BY.

Any commercial application is allowed except reselling.

Material Pack Paper 01

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