Casual 3D People by Human Alloy

Casual 3D People by Human Alloy

The site Human Alloy gives this week one of the 25 models of 3D scanned people have for sale, in this case, a woman wearing a hat.

The model is available in 5 resolutions, from 1 to 25 million polygons and textures in 8K pixel.

Package includes:

  • 5 mesh resolutions. From ~1 million poly’s to ~25 million poly’s
  • Normalmaps for each mesh resolution to get all the details of the highest resolution in even the lowest resolution mesh
  • Digitally grown hair
  • 8192 pixels x 8192 pixel textures and masks
  • Masks for each material on the model (skin, clothing, etc)
  • Makes easy color variations possible.
  • Custom created shaders for each surface on the model.
  • Obj files for import in other software packages

Click here to go to the download link.

Source: VrayWorld

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