Corona Quick Convert by D95design

A small utility that helps you quick convert what is currently selected to Corona (light & material). In addition to the MCR version that can set a shortcut, you can use the MS version to add to Smart Merge or other utilities that support post-script function. Currently version of the script only supports converting materials to Corona Legacy format.

Important note: this script can be understood as a stripped down version of Corona Converter (version 1.45). All functions in the script are developed by Martin Geupel (2018) and Chaos Czech (since 2019), modified and released for free by D95 Design.

  • Latest version: 1.02
  • Updated date: 24/10/2022
  • Support: Corona Renderer 4 or higher


Drag and drop MCR file into viewport (no need to remove previous versions).
You can find Corona Quick Convert command in D95 DESIGN category.


From menu: Customize > Customize User Interface > Keyboard.
Find category: D95 DESIGN > Tooltips: Corona Quick Convert.


Manually delete the mcr file in the 3dsMax usermacro folder.


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