Material Pack Scifi 01

Material Pack Scifi 01

These Materials are part of my procedural materials exercise with Substance Designer. Download link in the Text file.

Material Pack Scifi 01
Material Pack Scifi 01


  • 9 PBR Materials
  • 4k textures
  • Include Diffuse/Base Color, Roughness, Normal, Height and Metallic
  • Blender 2.9 file


  • Scifi_FabricPanels_01
  • Scifi_Grid_01
  • Scifi_PaintedWall_01
  • Scifi_Panels_01
  • Scifi_Panels_02
  • Scifi_Panels_03
  • Scifi_Panels_04
  • Scifi_Panels_05
  • Scifi_Screens_01

If you like it consider donating, so I can keep making free 3d content.
This pack is licensed CC-BY.

Any commercial application is allowed except reselling.

Material Pack Scifi 01

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