Scene Cleanup Tools for Max and VRay from Mr. Clean

Scene Cleanup Tools for Max and VRay from Mr. Clean

Additional Info.

Functions :

– clear MapChannels
– replace RaytraceMaterials by VRayMaterials
– replace Raytrace-Maps by VRayMaps
– replace Standard-Materials by VRayMaterials
– setup VRayMaterial subdivisions and depth of reflection and refraction for multiple materials
– collect textures and relink
– set Bitmap blur value for multiple materials
– reset XForm for multiple objects and keep hierarchy
– find and change objects by objectProperties
– find objects by VRayProperty
– setup all VRayProperties with presets
– find by modifier
– check normals and find negative scaled objects
– autosmoothing
– find and set faceMaterialIDs
– bone setup for Ik solvers
– clear ParticleNodes
– find and remove empty helfer, groupHeads, objects, layers and notetracks
– sort layers
– remove missing plugins


– unpack rar-archive
– copy all files to your user folder:
e.a: C:Users”Username”AppDataLocalAutodesk3dsMax2015 – 64bitENU

I’m looking forward for your feedback!

Version Requirement.

Max 2013 and following

Download page.

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