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If you have ever wondered what Indochine style is, in French it refers to the countries of the Indochinese Peninsula (also known as the Indochina Peninsula), including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Malaysia.
It is a perfect combination of two major cultures: Eastern and Western, specifically the two significant cultures of China and India.

What is Indochine interior design?

Indochine interior design is a blend of modern and classical elements.

In Vietnam, the Indochine style in interior design has been influenced by Chinese culture due to a thousand years of domination, while Laos and Cambodia have been influenced by Indian culture. With its creative combination, it has created a high aesthetic Indochine style, showcasing the essence of the two regions’ cultures and their rich history.

Anyone would be attracted to the simplicity and rusticity with minimal furnishings such as beds and cushions replacing chairs. Additionally, the combination of modern beauty and contemporary European interior style, French tropicalization, adapted to the local characteristics and climate, brings about a highly aesthetic appeal in this style.

What is Indochine style?

Indochine style exudes a serene and unique beauty.

Both contrasting and complementing each other, these two styles create an attractive and elegant interior design, making it one of the most impressive and luxurious modern interior styles in France.

Indochine style in interior design was initially created to serve the upper class and middle class, but later on, it has been refined with details that reflect the Vietnamese national identity. It is simple, sophisticated, and yet still ensures all the modern conveniences to provide comfort and functionality for the users in their daily lives.

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