How to fix VRay mesh export missing

How to fix VRay mesh export missing

What is Vray mesh export?

This is the feature of V-ray that helps you to proxy a 3d-object form simple mesh – lighter .When the render is still filled with the original model. Usually apply to import bulk files in cases like planting trees, gravel, or furniture

I also do not understand for whatever reason this function is disabled. When there is this error, you will be lost all function:

How to fix VRay mesh export missing

V-Ray mesh export : this makes you unable to proxy the model in 3dsmax.

V-Ray properties


V-Ray scene conveter

V-Ray Bitmap to V-Ray HDRI converter

.vrscene exporter


How to fix VRay mesh export missing

After the process of finding out, I also discover how to fix this bug very quickly and simply. You see and follow below.
Go to MAXScript> MaxScript listener, copy text “registerVRayMenus ()” and paste after : “Welcome to MAXScript” then press Enter.

You will see text “true”. Done

Hope this tutorial will help you when “VRay mesh export” function in 3dsmax not working .

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